Family Friendly Vacation

town of Stanley, ID

The cozy little town of Stanley, Idaho. Located just 60 minutes north of Sun Valley. Stanley offers some of the best outdoor activities in Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho is one of the best places for families to spend their summer vacation! Located near Wilderness and National Forests but also hosting resorts and spas, Sun Valley offers the perfect variety of activities for any family! Family Friendly Trail Rides

When vacationing in Sun Valley, families have endless options of activities and sights to see but a trail ride at Redfish Corral is definitely at the top of the list! Redfish Corral is located just 60 minutes north of Sun Valley, Idaho, and offers a unique trail riding experience in some of the most beautiful wilderness that Idaho has to offer.

The drive from the Sun Valley and Ketchum area to Redfish Corral is along the scenic byway and offers gorgeous glimpses of the mountains, rivers and forests. Once you cross over Galena Summit the view opens up to the spectacular Sawtooth Mountains and you will be blown away by the rugged beauty. The highway drops down into the Sawtooth Valley and meanders by the Salmon River all the way up to your turn off for Redfish Lake.

When you arrive at Redfish Corral, you will be greeted by the professional and friendly staff. Redfish Corral guides are always kind and courteous and put the safety and happiness of their guests first. They will be sure to equip your kiddos (6-12 years old) with a certified equestrian helmet and demonstrate to every rider the riding basics before helping you saddle up. The knowledgeable staff does their best to fit you and your family with the perfect horse that will be your trail companion for the length of the ride. The guides are very familiar with kids and beginner riders so they do a exceptional job of helping put your nerves at ease while also explaining what you need to know about trail riding.

If you have a children that are five years old or younger, Redfish Corral won’t leave you hanging! The staff will happily help the little ones saddle up for a short pony young trail ridersride around the corral. These complimentary pony rides on the gentle trail horses are a great introduction to riding and are also a great photo opportunity!

After your trail ride, you will want to continue down the road to Redfish Lake where you can take the family swimming, fishing, shopping, bike riding and even grab a bite to eat!

When planning your family vacation to Sun Valley, Idaho, don’t miss out on the family friendly trail rides at Redfish Corral! This top kid-friendly activity may easily become the highlight of your trip.

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